Welcome to the Walter S. Commerdinger, Jr. County Park Preservation Society, Inc. website


  1. To restore, replant and maintain the W.S. Commerdinger, Jr. County Park;
  2. To solicit, receive and maintain funds from grants, individuals and organizations for the purpose of materials necessary to restore, permute and maintain the park;
  3. To Stewart the use of the W.S. Commerdinger, Jr. County Park along with The Suffolk County Parks Department to guarantee that all County park rules and regulations are complied with and the park is supervised during public use;
  4. To foster and advance interest in the preservation of the park from an historical, cultural and aesthetic perspective including the Native American, farming, resort and current Lake Ronkonkoma time periods;
  5. To stimulate, encourage, foster and promote interest in the preservation of the W.S. Commerdinger, Jr. County Park, saving it as a place of historic interest;
  6. To foster and develop pride in the community;
  7. To encourage citizen participation and involvement in local and state government actions related to the future of the park;
  8. To acquire, assemble and disseminate information to inform the general public about the issues facing the welfare of both the W.S. Commerdinger, Jr. County Park and Lilly Pond Park And Nature Preserve;
  9. To preserve and protect the wild life and natural beauty of Lilly Pond Park And Nature Preserve;
  10. To provide the general public with a location for bird watching tours;
  11. To educate the general public and particularly young children, by exposing them to natural beauty of this unique park in a way that will permute a healthy respect and appreciation of natural things;
  12. To encourage and promote the importance of this area to all citizens.


  1. New farmhouse roof
  2. New Greenway Kiosk
  3. New perimeter fence
  4. Refitting the chicken coop-garage
  5. Two osprey stands in the bog
  6. A butterfly-song bird area with benches
  7. Flowers planted around the house
  8. Victorian Colonial garden
  9. Several natural enticements to increase the bird population
  10. An American Indian Presence
  11. Audubon bird tours and children lectures
  12. A Community Tea Party

W.S. COMMERDINGER, JR. COUNTY PARK PRESERVATION SOCIETY, INC. is a Not-For-Profit Corporation with the power to solicit grants and contributions for the below corporate purposes. To accept, hold, invest, reinvest and administer any gifts, bequests, devises, benefits of trusts and property of any sort without limitation as to amount or value and to use, disburse or donate the income or principal thereof exclusively for charitable purposes; to receive, establish, and maintain a fund or funds of real or personal property, or both. To use and apply the whole or any part of the income there from and principal thereof exclusively for charitable, scientific, and benevolent purposes either directly or by funding programs or projects that accomplish such charitable and benevolent purposes.